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The Beholder

As a missing person case drags PI Zac Hunter into L.A.’s seedy underworld, eight hundred miles away, a serial killer […]


To find justice for those he loved, a man finds himself at the center of a dangerous global conspiracy…

Fractured Eden

When a doctor loses everything and is forced to start over, he finds himself in a strange town filled with […]


Discover the Breathtaking World of OneNote with the OneNote User Manual With OneNote User Manual, you will learn about the […]


This is the perfect guide for anyone looking to understand Blockchain Technology With Blockchain – the History, Mechanics, Technical Implementation […]


This book unveils all those significant features of Viking mythology, which can be interesting as well as elaborative for your […]


Norse mythology is a belief system that was created by the Scandinavians or Vikings, which was adopted by many other […]

The Curse of the Neverland (Piper Pan and Her Merry Band Book 1)

A modern-day tale of the Neverland starring girls. Time has been passing, Peter Pan is long gone, the Neverland is […]

Recruit: An Unlikely Romance

Aiden’s never been very interested in the war… until he set eyes on the beautiful and fierce Lieutenant General. He’s […]

Righteous Lies

Widowed, Grace Templeton’s attempt to get her life back on track is smashed when a mix-up at a fertility clinic […]

Wrapped in the Past

Shirlyn travels back in time to ancient Persia where she meets the three magi who follow the Star of Bethlehem. […]

The Blake Soul

Josh Blake wakes up to the sound of the chilling scream echoing inside his head. His childhood nightmares are haunting […]

Autism Goes to School

We’re thrilled to announce that this Amazon bestseller is also a B.R.A.G. Medallion winner! After suddenly receiving custody of his […]

Awakening (Valkyrie Diaries Book 1)

You know those times when you’ve just had a fight with your mom and behind closed doors you say horrible […]

Bow To Me

When Samantha Boward is transferred to Loshano High School, seventeen-year-old Kaitlyn Noles has no idea that her life is about […]

The Guardians

Book 2. The Guardians For Prince Kelian of Alkira, along the journey of a true hero, the road to destiny […]

Costa Rica Curious

Everyone dreams about quitting their job and moving to a tropical country. Greg and Jen Seymour did just that, leaving […]

Shadows of Jane (The Shadows Trilogy Book 1)

Colt Henderson is a man who lives for the moment. His past has taught him that life is unpredictable and […]

Journey to Healing and Wholeness

Written as a practical healing journey, not just as a academia book on healing. The book guides the reader through […]