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Cupcakes For Breakfast: Making peace with your cupcake-eating self

In this heartfelt book that reads like a daily devotional, Su-Ny’ has laid bare issues in her life with food […]

Homemade Repellents: Natural and Non-Toxic DIY Repellent Recipes to Keep Away Mosquitoes, Flies, Spiders, Ants and Bugs

Safely getting rid of ants, bugs, fleas in a world filled with tons of insecticides with chemical components seems like […]

Deviance of Time

Reminiscent of the crusading stories of the past, Deviance of Time introduces James Rider, an agent of light and a […]

Knight’s Apprentice

Life altering reality, hidden in plain sight. As Cerita resists the call to serve Atlantis, James must find a way […]


Cassie Moore just killed her only (sort of) friend. And she liked it. She’s awakened a darkness inside of her […]

A Storm of Stories

Swerving to avoid a hitchhiker in a whiteout storm, Julie’s car ends up wedged in a snow bank. With the […]

Mystery: Hand of Fate

In the wake of her father’s tragic death, Bailey finally learns about Ryan’s accident. When she sees him and he […]


Dictatorship, Military rule was the order of the day in Africa, not long ago. But Africans fought for democratic rule, […]

Burn Slowly

Pac is a ‘weed killer’ of the economy: a financial promoter whose business mission is to visit and eliminate apparently […]

Suzanne: Sidequel To The Forthcoming Novel TYCOON

Suzanne Jones wants the fairytale. She has a great job, a great boss, she lives in a luxury apartment in […]

Professor Birdsong’s Dumbest Thieves, Thugs & Rogues

Over 100 short stories from all over the world about Dumb Thieves, Thugs & Rogues. All very funny

Fight Inflammation With The Alkaline Diet

In this book, you’ll learn all about:​ – The Alkaline Diet and the importance of pH balance – What exactly […]

Alkaline Diet

This book is your first step into making a lifelong commitment towards becoming a healthier person. As with any new […]

Investing: Stocks & Real Estate – Release Your Inner Entrepreneur

How Would You Like to Make Money While You Sleep and Be Able To Retire Young? Now With FREE Bonus […]

Python: The Definitive Guide to Learning Python Programming for Beginners

Python: The Definitive Guide to Learning Python Programming for Beginners is specially made for beginners who would like to learn […]

Annies Ghost A Romance in Five Days

Left on her own on Black Mountain, Vermont, in January in a snow storm, Annie is slowly recovering from a […]

Qi Men Dun Jia Sun Tzu Warcraft: For business, politics and absolute power

The Qi Men Dun Jia Sun Tzu Warcraft by Joey Yap is the first book of its kind that elucidates […]

Checklist for Starting a Business

“Checklist for Starting a Small Business” by is an e-book designed to walk you through the process of starting […]

The House of Worms

When Dexter Radcliff loses an artifact that allows one to talk with the dead, he’s plunged into a nightmarish struggle […]

Crowning Glory: An Experiment in Self-Discovery Through Disguise

Crowning glory is a book that is a social experiment combined with a memoir. It started when I bought a […]